Car Care Products/Accessories Starter Kit 72 pieces



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Car Care Products/Accessories Starter Kit 72 pieces

It’s never been easier to start your own mobile or static Valeting Business, with this 60 Piece Starter Kit. It has all the cleaning products and accessories you need to start your New Business. Just look at this lot.

Carpet Clean Plus 5Ltr  X1

Special – S 5Ltr X1

Fast Wax Polish 1Ltr X1

Diamond Shine 5Ltr X1

Pink Sheen 5Ltr X1

Cherry Active Shampoo 5Ltr X1

Alloy Wheel Cleaner (Acid) 5Ltr X1

Express Detailer 5Ltr X1

Upholstery Brush X2

Fast Cut Polish 1Ltr X1

CarTec Compound 1Ltr X1

Compound Mop Orange X1

Compound Mop White X1

Polish Mop Black X1

2″ Paint Brush X1

Tyre Magic 5Ltr X1

Tar & Glue Remover 5Ltr X1

T.F.R. Gold 20Ltr X1

Clear Glass Cleaner 5Ltr X1

Box Disposable Gloves X1

Cotton cloths 10 kg bale  X1

Pack of Paper Floor Mats x 250 X1

Micro Fibre Cloth 40×40 X6

Microfibre Waffle chamois 40×60 X2

Jumbo Sponge X4

Upholstery Sponge X2

Cellulose polishing sponge X2

Hand Car Wash Mitt X1

Spray Bottles Complete X8

Polish Bottle Squeezable X2

TFR Pump Sprayer bottle X1

Roll of Seat Covers x 100 X1

Alloy Wheel Brush X1

Magic Sponge X3

Tar Removal Sponge X2

Entry Level Wash Brush X1

Hair Removal Brush X1

Satin Black Paint Aerosol 500mls X1

Silver Wheel Paint Aerosol 500mls X1

Razor Blade Scraper X2

100 Quality Razor Blades X1

Applicator Pads X2

Glass Microfibre Cloth 40×40 X4

All you need to start your own valeting business with this Car Care Products/Accessories Starter Kit 72 pieces.
Free Nationwide Delivery, usually within two days. Bargain start up kit.
M.S.D.S ( MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS) For all Products. This Kit has ten Irish made quality products. The Time For High Prices Is Up…COMPARE OUR PRICES.