CONCEPT Fabric Black Carpet Dye 5L

Liquid, rapid drying spirit dye for re-colouring of badly stained or faded carpets

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FAABRIC BLACK  5ltr   €60.00 Ex Vat



Trade ‘Secret’:
Allows for rapid and easy re-colouring of badly
faded or stained carpets.
Easy to Apply: By trigger spray or brush.
Fast: Rapid drying formulation for fast vehicle turnaround.


For best results fabric or carpet should be
vacuumed thoroughly before use. Surface must
be dry before treatment. Wear gloves during
Shake container. Apply using low pressure
spray. To ensure complete pile coverage use a
brush to stipple into uncoated areas before the
dye is dry.
N.B. ensure the treated fabric/carpet is
completely dry before returning vehicle to




Hazards identification: Piktogram GHS02 gazy łatwopalnePiktogram GHS07 zagrożenie dla warstwy ozonowej
Causes skin irritation.

May cause an allergic skin reaction.

Causes serious eye damage.

Use PPE, handle with care and keep out of reach of children and pets.